As time marches on, people of faith have lost their voice and their way within this world, setting the stage for moral catastrophe. In People of God Speak Up! The World’s Gone Crazy! The Next Generations Need Us!, Dr. James Snell presents a comprehensive look at family and cultural values in the light of faith and the world that denies this faith. He challenges current perspectives regarding God, faith, science, media, and humanity – and their effects upon our current relationships and upon future generations. Dr. Snell draws upon decades of experience in counseling to help couples learn more about themselves and their spouses, as he promotes the institution of marriage as the God-given, self-maturing, sacred relationship God intended marriage to be. Dr. Snell equally examines areas within our culture that demoralize humanity, question God’s existence, and tear at the moral fabric of marriage and family life as we know it. The Next Generations Need Us! Our children have been negatively affected by divorce and other cultural factors that have changed their views on God, marriage, family, relationships, and the value of human life itself. We have a responsibility and duty to our children, and to our children’s children, to leave them a significant and reliable society, one that is moral, values humanity, relationships, and God’s authority and love. This book challenges, encourages, and teaches people of faith how and why we need to join forces for God and his ways within culture so that the next generations will be able to live in peace and worship God freely.

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